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The right size heating system will vary from one property to the other. You must work with a professional HVAC contractor like Turner Heating & Cooling Inc. to find the perfect-sized unit for your home. A system that is too big will waste your energy due to frequent stops and starts. However, a system that is too small will work too hard to keep you comfortable. Our installers will inspect your home and recommend the right products for you.

You can replace your air filter every few months. The exact frequency will come down to factors such as the air quality in your environment, the number of occupants in your home, and more. It's better to change the air filter too frequently than sparingly, as a clogged air filter can damage your HVAC system.

You can only fix your air conditioner without professional help if you are replacing the air filters in your residential unit. For all other problems, you’ll need professional expertise to avoid worsening the problem.

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