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When you need a new air conditioner, you must work with an AC installation company you can trust to find the right type of system for your home. HVAC systems like air conditioners are costly home improvement upgrades. Improper installation will make your summer months less enjoyable. You may also need to spend more money on an additional AC unit to stay comfortable as the temperatures soar. At Turner Heating & Cooling Inc., our pro technicians have decades of experience installing air conditioning systems in various properties. Get a free estimate (excludes service calls) for your new AC unit today!

Signs You Need AC Replacement

Modern AC systems tend to last fairly long. However, they start to lose their efficiency after a while. At some point, replacing the system will be the most cost-efficient solution. Here are some signs you should replace your air conditioning system:

  • It’s more than 15 years old.
  • The outdoor condensing unit needs more frequent repairs.
  • The system breaks down too frequently.

Is a Zone System right for your home?

An HVAC zoning system is a heating and air conditioning system that uses dampers in the ductwork to redirect the air to specific areas of your home. This allows for the creation of regulated, controlled, and customized temperature zones throughout the home for increased comfort and overall efficiency. Almost all homes can benefit from a zoned HVAC system. When family members and roommates have different preferences, certain rooms and areas are drastically different temperatures, air quality changes throughout the home, then Zoning HVAC systems allow you to accommodate those different comfort needs, while also helping you save energy.

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